Shoreline Auto Glass Windshield Repair and Replacement

TruVision Auto Glass is a full service auto glass company based out of Shoreline, Wa. You can count on Truvision whether you need a windshield repair, rock chip repair, windshield replacement, car door window replacement, or any other auto glass repair and replacement.

Call Truvision today for a new windshield and allow our certified experts to provide you with an unmatched customer service that will ensure your auto glass experience is simple and hassle-free! All Shoreline windshields are OEM, or equivalent to OEM specifications and conform to Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards for excellence. TruVision Auto Glass continuously strives to provide our customers with the absolute best auto glass shop services possible!

There are many auto glass replacement factors that go into a windshield replacement, car door window replacement, or a stationary auto glass repair - such as your quarter glass. The job needs to be handled with care so your vehicle doesn't show future effects from improper auto glass replacement techniques. When Truvision Auto Glass replaces your windshield or conducts any other Shoreline auto glass replacement, we ensure the technician operates under the adhesive manufacturer's specifications. this ensures a quality job that will last a lifetime (this auto glass practice includes rock chip repair)!

If you live in the shoreline area and are in need of auto glass services, don't hesitate to call TruVision Auto Glass today! 425.623.3806

ADAS - Advanced Driver Assistance System"

Acoustic Interlayer- Glass having a thicker than normal vinyl laminate for noise reduction.

Electrochromic Mirror- Also known as Auto-Dim Mirror. A rear view mirror that senses light and automatically dims.

Encapsulated- A glass part that has a molding attached. Sometimes at the top only, and sometimes around three or four sides of the glass.

Heated Wiper Park Area- A Windshield that contains a heater grids across the lower part of the glass where the wipers rest. Usually visible as brown or grey lines running horizontally at the base of the windshield.

Rain Sensor- A sensor usually located near the windshield’s rear view mirror that senses rain and activates the wipers.

O.E.M.- Original Equipment Manufacturer

Safe Drive Away Time- The elapsed time that a vehicle would safely pass all the appropriate rollover and roof crush requirements after a front windshield installation

Solar Coated- During the manufacturing process, the inside surface of the outer layer of Non-Solar glass is coated with UV reflective film before the inner layer is sandwiched between the outer and inner layers of glass.

"I had the front windshield of my 2006 Infiniti replaced earlier this year. I live in Shoreline and It was very convenient that TruVision provided free mobile service and came to my workplace in Redmond and performed the windshield replacement while I continued working in my office. They were very professional and even applied Rain-X to my windshield at no extra cost! The price to replace my windshield was cheaper than anyone else (I didn't go through insurance) and they came to me at no extra cost. I would highly recommend them and would use them again."
- Natalie W.

"I was very pleased with TruVision. I have a very busy schedule working 60+ hours a week. They were very flexible and even came to me so I didn't have to take time off of work. Their quote was very reasonable. He was very professional and did fabulous work. I would recommend TruVision Auto Glass in Shoreline to anyone in need of windshield repair and replacement."
- Barbie H.

"I have used TruVision Several times over the past 6 months, I own 6 cars. They have been very helpful, professional and pricing was lower than any other company I called. Joel came to my work in shoreline to replace my windshield, looks good as new. Highly recommend using TruVision Auto Glass for your windshield and car window repair."
- Tereasa V.

"TruVision Auto Glass in Shoreline really did a heck of a job with replacing my front windshield and back windshield. I woke up this morning to go to work only to come out to see someone smashed my windshield and broke out my back windshield. I called them at 8am and they came to my apartments in shoreline and had both new windows replaced by 11. Now that's excellent service! They even gave me a deal because of the circumstances. These guys really know their auto glass. My car's front and back windshield looked like they were never broken. And they vacuumed my car so it looked cleaner than it did before. Thanks guys"
- Jon P.

"These guys did a great job on my Cadillac. I had a huge rock crack my windshield Friday evening and I was headed to eastern Washington Saturday afternoon. I called four glass shops in shoreline and TruVision was the only shop that answered the phone. All they needed was some info about my car and they came to me in Shoreline to replace my windshield. I was a little concerned about having to drive it all the way to eastern Washington with the new replacement and all. But they were great, the tech said they use a state-of-the-art glue where the vehicle would be safe to drive in an hour! I now have a go to auto glass company in Shoreline!"
- Steve M.

"Thanks, Truvision! Your technician did a great job with my windshield replacement. No other company could get out to my work in shoreline with same day service. The free mobile service was really convenient. I'm so glad I chose you guys to fix my windshield! The new windshield replacement looks great."
- Mary A.

"I'm glad I found you guys for an auto glass shop in Shoreline! The rock chip I got fixed looks great. Your technician to his time and did a good job. He was very professional and sincere. You guys are a great auto glass company. I will recommend."
- Tracy I.

"TruVision is the closest windshield replacement shop to me in Shoreline, WA. I have had three windshield replacements in the last year and a half, and so far, Truvision has been the most available and easiest to work with. They're fast, have good prices, and come to you."
- Brian G